Affirmations for Moms

The Importance of Affirmations

I learned some time ago that words have power. Power that can change circumstances and shape destinies. During my motherhood journey I have made a conscious effort to confess positive and encouraging words over me and my family.

Affirmations allow you to develop the mindset (thoughts, beliefs, focus) that you need, to take any area of your life to the next level. When you actively choose to think positive, those thoughts will surely add value to your life.

Being a mom can be a mentally draining job. I find it important now more than ever to encourage yourself and speak uplifting words. Affirmations have the potential to alleviate stress that you may have and cause parenting to run a little bit more smoothly.

How to use your affirmations

In order for your affirmations to work for you, you need to repeat your affirmations continuously. You may not find positive gain in the beginning, but keep going! Training your brain to believe the affirmations, and reprogram your mind takes time.

Incorporate your affirmations within your daily routine. I like to do my affirmations before my children wake up or during my devotional time. Your affirmations will prepare you, motivate you, and encouraged on a personal level.

Ultimately, I want these affirmations to go to work for you; to transform the way you think and feel. It will give you a more positive outlook as a mother to your children. The affirmations will help you know that it’s okay to take a second to reset before pouring into your little one. You will feel less anxious throughout the day..

We’ve all been programmed to think and believe in some way. My desire for you is that you reprogram your subconscious mind with new, empowering beliefs about your abilities as a mom by using the mommy affirmations below. Motherland is not easy and we need self-talk and powerful changing words to get us through!

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Feel free to comment below with your favorite affirmations! I would love to hear them. 

Peace, Love & Blessings

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