Having two energized children requires me to at least have the same amount of energy as they have. If not, I’m dragging and moody all day long…and guess what? Nobody wants that! 

Making my morning matcha’s are vital for my life as a stay at home mom. It gives me just enough energy for the day ahead. I rarely go to Starbucks now because I can easily make them from home. I drink more and save less because of it. I think it’s a win win if you ask me. 

I might add that not all matcha’s are created equally. Only superior brands will give you significant results. Let’s discuss this shall we.  

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a beautiful green powder that originates from Japan. It is a finely ground green tea. The matcha is made into a drink by whisking it with water. Quality matcha can usually be more expensive because it requires a little bit more work in making but so totally worth it in my opinion. 

What to look for when buying Matcha

  • Bright green color- The higher color and quality the more expensive it is. 
  • Made in Japen- Genuine matcha comes form Japan, any not made in this country is more than likely a knock off. Not only will you receive very minimum health benefits but also you will not taste true delicious matcha! 
  • Ceremonial or Culinary Grade- Ceremonial grade is made from the youngest tea leaves without the steams or veins.  This creates a very smooth flavor and texture. Culinary grade is also made from young tea leaves, but they are just a tad bit older. They are usually harvested second. 

My favorite brand of Matcha

Currently, I am using Jade Leaf Matcha to make all my matcha drinks. At this price, color, and quality it’s unbeatable! Plus, you can get free shipping with Amazon Prime!

Below I have given you my favorite go to Matcha Latte Recipe! I hope you try it out one day. The mommy mode in me is totally doable when having my morning matcha latte!

Yo Mama's Favorite Matcha Latte Recipe


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